Fantastic Five

forceful feelings,  Evolution of Male Dancers


“Forceful Feelings” is the first Armenian mobile professional ballet company.
Founded by five young Principal male dancers working in world famous professional Ballet Companies. After many years of experience they thought to create something to share with their home country.
In 2006 they started with the project, and that was the time when “Forceful Feelings” was founded.  
Project is about organizing worldwide performances! With great Choreographers, Artists and Musicians. As well share all that experience with Armenian Audience, Teachers, Ballet students and of course with their families. Making better future for the next generation is the most important thing for “Forceful Feelings”.
While the dancers of “Forceful Feelings” are working with world-famous choreographers, they are coming up with better ideas and inspiration to connect their present world with their native country.   
Going way back, their families as well had many dancing experience shared in the Ballet school and they still share experience in different places of dance.                                                                                                                     Due to strong connections of their families, they are also very close friends.
Already many young Armenian talented dancers have followed them and even younger ones are looking up, hoping for better future.    
Winning many Prices and Nominations of important Awards, “Forceful Feelings” is still working hard to give the world high quality Dance.

Designed and developed by Vilen Baghdasaryan